Report Fraud

It’s important to report fraudulent account activity or identity theft right away. If you have Identity Theft Protection from First Commerce through our partner, CyberScout, your protection plan includes assistance in dealing with fraud and identity theft. If you are already a victim and sign up for one of our plans, CyberScout will provide personalized guidance to you, although coverage after the fact does not include the expense reimbursement.

In addition to calling First Commerce to report fraud at 850.488.0035 or 1.800.533.5772 or emailing us at (on weekends and holidays fill out this form), here are some steps you should take. Additional information can be found under the Manage Your Accounts page.

1. Call the fraud units of the three credit bureaus to report fraud or identity theft and request that your file be flagged with a fraud alert.

  • Equifax: call 1.866.349.5191 or write to P.O. Box 105069, Atlanta, GA 30348
  • Experian: call 1.888.397.3742, fax 1.800.301.7196 or write to P.O. Box 9532, Allen, TX 75013
  • TransUnion: call 1.800.680.7289 or write to P.O. Box 6790, Fullerton, CA 92834

2. Ask the credit bureaus for the following assistance.

  • Names and phone numbers of credit grantors with whom fraudulent accounts have been opened.
  • Removal of inquiries that have been generated due to the fraudulent access.
  • Notification of those who have received your credit report in the last six months (two years for employers) in order to alert them to the disputed and erroneous information.

3. Contact all creditors with whom your name has been used fraudulently, by phone and in writing. You may be asked to fill out fraud affidavits.

4. Report the crime to your local police or sheriff’s department. You might also need to report it to police departments where the crime occurred. Request a copy of the police report and provide it to the credit bureaus.

5. Report the fraud to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC): 1.877.IDTHEFT.

6. Monitor your mail, bills, account statements and credit report and immediately report evidence of additional fraudulent activity.

Additional tips can be found on our ID Theft Knowledge Center, powered by CyberScout.