Empowering You to Protect Your Account from Overdraft Fees

As your financial partner for life, our goal is to educate you about products and services that will help you manage your account and reduce the potential for overdraft fees. Here are some easy steps you can take to reduce your chances of overdrawing your account.

  • Set up low balance alerts on your account in Digital Banking. These alerts can warn you when your balance falls below an amount that you specify. If you haven’t enrolled in Digital Banking, visit www.firstcommercecu.org and click the enrollment link located under the digital banking login box on the home page. Low Balance Alerts can be set up under the Alerts tab once you are logged in to Digital Banking.
  • Ask an FCCU team member to set up automatic overdraw transfers from a savings or other checking account to cover insufficient items when presented for payment. Don’t have a savings balance to tap into when needed? Consider our popular even-up savings plan that will build a savings balance!
  • Set up an FCCU line of credit or credit card to transfer funds when there aren’t sufficient funds in your account to cover the transaction.
  • Consider removing the ability to overdraft your account. To learn more, call our Contact Center at 850.488.0035 or toll-free at 800.533.5772. You can also visit any of our 14 locations and request to remove overdraft protection from your account.
  • Try using our Personal Financial Management (PFM) suite in Digital Banking to help track your budget, spending habits, and plan for financial goals. After you log in, simply click the links above your account information to better manage your finances (Net Worth, Budget, Spending, Trends, Debts).
  • Discuss your financial health by visiting a Financial Services Officer at one of our 14 locations, or set a time to meet with a Six Pillars financial advisor.

We also offer additional educational resources available 24/7 online through our financial knowledge center. These “SmartMoney Online” courses will help prepare you with valuable information to manage your financial future.