Making First Commerce Loan Payments

Thank you for choosing First Commerce to finance and service your loan. We take our commitment to you seriously, including making your loan payments easy and convenient. We offer a variety of ways to make your loan payment. Simply choose the option that works best for you.

The most convenient way to make a payment and find up-to-date information about your FCCU loan is through our Digital Banking service. To set up automatic payments and manage payment activity, visit the Loan Payment page in Digital Banking by going to Transactions > Loan Payments. To enroll in Digital Banking, visit our Digital Banking Enrollment Page. No fee applies. 

  • External Transfer 
    • If your primary account is with another financial institution, you can connect it to your First Commerce account through digital banking for easy payment transfers electronically from your primary account to your First Commerce loan account. 
    • The first time you set up an external account, you will be required to verify your ownership by confirming two small deposits First Commerce makes into the external account. You will need the account number and routing number from your other financial institution. Please allow five business days to establish the connection. Once you verify the deposits and a connection is established, you may use the “Loan Payments” option to make a payment via the Loan Payment screen. No fee applies. 
  • Mobile Deposit 
    • Use the mobile deposit feature in our Digital Banking app. After you set up your account, simply take a photo of a check with your phone or tablet and deposit the money into your FCCU checking or savings account. Once the deposit goes through, you may use the “Loan Payments” option to make a payment via the Loan Payment screen. Please allow one business day for the mobile deposit funds to be available to transfer. No fee applies. 

You may use “Funds Transfer” as an option in Digital Banking to transfer payment to a loan from any FCCU savings or checking account for which you are a primary or joint account holder. Alternatively, we can draft your payment from either your checking or savings account on your due date. Reach out to our Contact Center and a team member will be happy to assist you. You may also use the Member Account Line phone banking service. First Commerce checking account required. No fee applies. 

If your primary account is with a different financial institution, we can help you set up payments to draft on a recurring basis from your other account on your due date. Reach out to our Contact Center (at least 10 business days before your first payment is due) and have your primary account number and routing number handy. We will set it up for you. No fee applies.

If your primary account is with another financial institution, ask if they offer a bill pay feature that you can use to pay your First Commerce loan. Remember to have your loan MICR number (13-digit number starting with “9”) and our address - P.O. Box 6416, Tallahassee, FL 32314. Typically, it takes up to five business days for bill pay vendors to set up payments. If your financial institution does not offer a bill pay feature, inquire about setting up a checking account and digital banking with First Commerce! We’d love to be your primary financial institution and we offer free Bill Pay.

With First Commerce’s Loan Payment Portal you have the option to pay your loan online with a Credit or Debit Card* or ACH Draft. While convenient, please be aware there is a convenience fee of $5 for each transaction. Convenience fees are waived when you set up recurring AutoPay ACH payments. To register, you will need your Email, Social Security Number and Birth Date. Registration will be instant, and all associated First Commerce loans will be included with your new registration. New loans may take 24 hours to appear in your Payment Portal.

To register, you will enter your Unique ID, composed of the last 6 digits of your Social Security Number and full 8-digit date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY). For example, if your last 6 of SSN is 123456 and your date of birth is January 17, 2021, then your Unique ID would be 12345601172021

*The Loan Payment Portal accepts Visa Debit Cards, Mastercard Credit or Debit Cards AND Discover Debit or Credit Cards

You can make a payment over the phone with a debit card or credit card, or a check from another financial institution, and your payment will be applied to the loan the same day. Call us during regular business hours and a team member will be happy to assist you. Again, this is a convenient option; however, there is a $12.50 convenience fee per transaction applied to the payment. You will need your card information or account and routing number, as well as your billing address to complete the payment over the phone.

We love to see our members’ smiling faces! If visiting us in person is what works best for you, then stop by any of our locations and make a payment in the drive thru using our convenient video teller service or in person.  No fee applies.

If you received a payment coupon book, you can mail a check or money order with the payment coupon to the address specified on the coupon.  If mailing, please allow sufficient time for the postal service to deliver your payment prior to the due date. You may also drop off your check or money order payment with your coupon at any FCCU location that has an overnight drop box. No fee applies.

Download and print loan coupons.