Online & Mobile Business Banking

Keep your business running smoothly with flexible, convenient online and mobile banking services from First Commerce.

Use our app to check balances, transfer funds, pay bills and make deposits securely right from your phone or tablet. It's like having a First Commerce financial center right at your fingertips!

  • Download the free First Commerce Digital Banking app for Android or iPhone 
  • 3 options include:
    • Downloadable app (available on most current, up-to-date Android or iPhone smart phones)
    • Browser version (available on any phone capable of accessing the internet)
    • SMS text (send/receive text messages for account info - must be able to send/receive text messages to/from short codes)

For an overview of the system and detailed information about all of the exciting upgrades, please visit our short video tutorials, searchable user guides and Frequently Asked Questions.

Make payments or transfers quickly and securely online or from your mobile device. To get started, log in to Digital Banking.

  • Use Bill Pay to set up recurring payments or reminders, view or edit pending bill payments, and make payments as quickly as the next day.
  • Use FCCU Pay person-to-person transfers to pay other people using just their email address or mobile number.
  • Transfer funds easily between your First Commerce accounts and accounts you have at other financial institutions by adding an external account in Digital Banking under Services

First Commerce offers a convenient bank by phone service, called Member Account Line. You can reach this service by calling 850.488.0035 and selecting option 2.

Download the Member Account Line Call Flow Diagram

Here are a few highlights of the service:

  • The system provides English and Spanish-speaking options.
  • Excellent voice recognition technology on the English menu will be available using 8* from the main menu. We recommend not using this feature on speaker phone.
  • You can request mini statements to be emailed to you. For security, the information may be truncated or generic. Mini statements will be sent to the main member’s email address. If you wish to add or change your email, you can do so via digital banking or by visiting a financial center.
  • Future dated transfers can be scheduled as a one-time transaction or recurring.

Alternatively, to speak with a representative you can call our Contact Center at 850.488.0035 or 1.800.533.5772. Representatives are available 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday-Friday and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday.

With Real Time Text and Email Alerts, you have the power to know what’s happening with your accounts right away. First Commerce offers real time text message* and/or email alerts that let you stay on top of your accounts like never before. Choose from several different alerts including low balance alerts, debit card alerts, deposit alerts, and more! As soon as the transaction hits your account, you'll be notified.

Click to Sign Up or Edit Alerts!

*Standard text message rates apply. Check with your service provider for more information.

Apple Pay

To add your First Commerce card to Apple Pay, go to Settings on your iPhone and open the Wallet option. Tap the “+“, or “Add Card” option and follow the steps. When prompted, make your First Commerce card your default card for Apple Pay.

Google Pay

Open the Google Pay app on your Android device to add your First Commerce card. At the bottom, tap Payment, then “+“, select credit or debit card and follow the steps. Use your First Commerce card every day in Google Pay – just select the card and tap Make Default. Some members will be asked to call First Commerce to complete the card’s enrollment.

FCCU continues to offer links to Quicken and QuickBooks. Please select the correct document below for instructions. 

Quicken/QuickBooks Conversion Instructions

QuickBooks Conversion Web Connect Instructions for Windows

QuickBooks Conversion Web Connect Instructions for Mac

Quicken Conversion Web Connect Instructions for Windows

Quicken Conversion Web Connect Instructions for Mac

Quicken Conversion Express Web Connect Instructions for Windows

Quicken Conversion Express Web Connect Instructions for Mac

For Quicken/QuickBooks users, Direct Connect is now available! Direct Connect allows you to access your First Commerce account information and brings you more functionality right from within Quicken or QuickBooks, which are Intuit products. With Direct Connect, you no longer have to sign into your First Commerce account and manually download transactions – Quicken/QuickBooks does this for you. (Please keep reading for tips for a smooth setup experience!)
If you prefer the existing method of connecting your account information and downloading your transaction history into Quicken/QuickBooks, Web Connect also remains available. The choice is yours!
If you are making the switch from Web Connect to Direct Connect, the first time you connect, you could end up with duplicate transactions. Here are a few tips to help you avoid this and get set up:
  • To set up Direct Connect, you will be asked to enter an account number or user name, which is your FCCU Digital Banking user name. You will also need to set up a password or PIN, which is your FCCU Digital Banking password.
  • To avoid duplicates, you should first make a backup file of your data and then delete your last 90 days of transactions. Since Direct Connect only accesses your last 90 days of data, preemptively deleting this information will avoid duplicates.
  • If you have already made the switch and have duplicate transactions, Quicken/QuickBooks only offers a manual delete method. For an easier way to remove multiple transactions, hold down the CTRL or Apple key while selecting the transactions you want to delete.
  • To avoid duplicates in the future, stay with one method of connecting (either Web or Direct).
  • Since duplicate transactions are a known issue to Intuit, Quicken/QuickBooks has more information about this topic on their website.
  • If you have trouble setting up Direct Connect or getting logged in and connected, Quicken/QuickBooks first suggests that you be sure you are on the latest version of their software. If issues continue, try uninstalling and reinstalling the software. Finally, for additional assistance, call Intuit at 1-800-446-8848.
If you are not already enrolled in FCCU Digital Banking, get started here. For more information or assistance with digital banking features, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions, short tutorial videos, and searchable user guides for personal and business banking – or contact us at 850.488.0035 or 1.800.533.5772.