Sammy Squirrel Kids' Savings Account

Not all kids’ savings accounts are created equal – so choose the one that does the most for your child! Teach your child how to "squirrel away" money the fun way: with a free Sammy Squirrel Kids' Club Savings Account for ages newborn through 12! Sammy Squirrel teaches kids smart money habits and helps you save for their future.

  • Sammy SquirrelNo monthly fees
  • Interest rates matching our regular savings account
  • Rewards for good grades
  • Special savings rewards
  • A matching deposit (along with a little something extra!) when your child makes a deposit within a month of his/her birthday. For example, if you're 10 years old and make a deposit of at least $10, you'll get $10 deposited into your Kids Club account! ($1 x child's age.)

We make squirreling away money fun by rewarding your child with Acoins – wooden nickels that can be redeemed for gift cards or money deposited into their account! Sammy Squirrel accountholders earn one Acoin for every $10 deposited into their account.