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  • EMV Chip Card Update (November 2016) – First Commerce has begun rolling out consumer and business debit & credit cards with EMV chips! EMV chips are a new standard in card security that offers better protection for consumers, which helps reduce the overall cost of fraud for financial institutions – ultimately benefiting members. While we placed our order in early 2016, plastic manufacturers were overwhelmed with the demand, which led to a backlog. EMV cards are currently being distributed on our regular reissue cycle, which includes new members receiving cards and anyone whose card is being reissued due to an expiring card, a fraud compromise, etc. Keep in mind EMV chips mainly provide added protection to financial institutions when they are used at points of purchase that have the EMV readers in place (many still do not). Members with cards that do not have an EMV chip that are still protected by First Commerce. As a reminder, we regularly monitor our members’ account activity for irregularities and contact you anytime potential fraud is suspected. This makes it critical for members to keep contact information on file with us up-to-date. First Commerce further protects members’ accounts by quickly reimbursing actual fraud reported within 60 days and verified by an affidavit signed by the member. For other related information and updates, please visit the fraud & security section of our website.